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Image of 1962.029.00040 - Print

1962.029.00040 - Print

Color print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "The Warning Shadows." The picture shows two cowboys and their horses climbing up a mountainside.

Image of 1962.029.00050 - Print

1962.029.00050 - Print

Color print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "Heads or Tails." The picture shows two cowboys attempting to wrangle a heard of long horn cattle.

Image of 1962.029.00048 - Print

1962.029.00048 - Print

Color print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "Capturing the Grizzly." The picture depicts three cowboys roping a grizzly bear.

Image of 1980.017.03710 - Card, Political

1980.017.03710 - Card, Political

A donkey-shaped card promoting Norm. Larson for sheriff. The donkey is outlined in red and the young Robin Burns has used color crayons to fill the white space. The back of the donkey is blue and Robin has signed her name in crayon. This is a piece that fell from the Lorene Burns diaries found elsewhere in the collection.

2013.050.00009 - File, Document

Papers from Joseph Nelson.

Image of 1962.029.00046 - Print

1962.029.00046 - Print

Color print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "When the Nose of a Horse Beats the Eyes of a Man." The picture shows a cowboy's horse turning away from a path upon which a bear is waiting.

Image of 1962.029.00045 - Print

1962.029.00045 - Print

Print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "Roping a Grizzly." The print shows four cowboys attempring to rope a grizzly bear.

Image of 1962.029.00041 - Print

1962.029.00041 - Print

Print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "Jerked Down." The print shows severa; cowboys roping steers.

Image of 1962.029.00039 - Print

1962.029.00039 - Print

Print of Charles M. Russell's watercolor, "At the End of the Rope." The print shows a cowboy on horseback roping a calf.

Image of 1962.029.00042 - Print

1962.029.00042 - Print

Color print of Charles M. Russell's painting, "Who Killed the Bear?" The picture shows a dead bear hanging on a downed tree limb, a wounded man, and another man holding a shotgun.

Image of 1962.029.00044 - Print

1962.029.00044 - Print

Color Print of Charles M. Russell's painting "Meat's Not Meat Till It's In the Pan." The picture shows a hunter with two horses on a cliff side looking at an animal that was killed but has partially fallen off of the cliff. Printed by the Osborne Company.

Image of 1962.029.00043 - Print

1962.029.00043 - Print

Color print of the painting, "The Scouts" by Charles M. Russell. The picture shows three Native American men on horseback looking into the distant prarie.

Image of 1983.014.00838 - Painting

1983.014.00838 - Painting

Oil painting of Doris Harding. Shows her head and shoulders, she's wearing a maroon top with two buttons visible and a black collar. She has brown hair and pink lip stick. the background is brown. The frame is gilt wood with some coloration. The back of the board has a lable that reads "Devoe Academy Board Manufactued by Devoe & Reynolds Co., Inc. New York Chicago." OIL ON BOARD, PORTRAIT OF DORIS HARDING.

Image of 1980.017.01160 - Picture

1980.017.01160 - Picture

Piece is a picture of a flower. The picture has wooden sticks for a frame. The picture is tied to the sticks by green raffia string. Written on the back side of the picture in pencil is "July 23, 1943 - Girl Scout Little House Camp Out - Harrietta B?? Robin Burns Beverly West Carne M??? A red and white sticker adhered to the backside reads "Intermediate Troop 21 Sioux Falls, South Dakota." The picture's object ID number is written on the front of the piece.

Image of 1980.017.00319 - Drawing

1980.017.00319 - Drawing

A small painting of a soldier in a black and gold frame.

Image of 1966.022.00014 - Painting

1966.022.00014 - Painting

A oil landscape painting on canvas of a log cabin in the Black Hills. The cabin and out buildings are sitting in a valley with a line of pine trees at the bottom with a rocky bluff with a mine entrance in the foreground at the lower right corner of the painting. The painting is also signed and dated by the artist "J. H. Phillips - 1886" in the lower right corner. The painting was done on a linen fabric canvas.

Image of 1988.058.00001 - Painting

1988.058.00001 - Painting

An oil painting on linen canvas entitled "Olive Garden In Capri" painted by Frank Townsend Hutchens. The frame of the painting is painted plaster on wood. At the bottom of the frame is a metal plate with the words "Olive Garden On The Island Of Capri In The Mediterranean Sea". On the back side of the painting there were four labels which were located on the top stretcher and one on the frame read (left to right) 1 - "Frank Townsend Hutchens, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Olive Garden in Capri", 2 - "Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 101st Annual Exhibition 1906, F. T. Hutchens - Capri", 3 - "Box #74 P. 2 Up 379", 4 - "Detach and place on frame, etc., Corcoran Gallery of Art, Wa

Image of 1988.090.00001 - Painting

1988.090.00001 - Painting

A landscape oil painting on canvas by Ole G. Runing. The painting is of a lake and mountains with a small row boat tied to the shoreline. On the right foreground is a tree and the artist's signature "O. G. Runing '07" is in the lower right corner.

Image of 1988.090.00002 - Painting

1988.090.00002 - Painting

An landscape oil painting on canvas done by Ole G. Runing of a snow covered road down the center and a woman and a small girl standing along a wood fence going down the right side of the road. In the distance (in the center of the painting) are two small cabins or houses. On each side of the road are tall pine trees.

Image of 2000.009.00001 - Drawing

2000.009.00001 - Drawing

A watercolor and ink drawing of the "Falls of the Big Sioux". The drawing was done on white foam core. The ink drawing of the falls has outlined trees, the clock tower of the Old County Courthouse, and rock formations. Inside the outlined is water-colored in green, browns, and blue. The drawing is signed by the artist in the lower right corner. The image is heavy on the right and fades off to the left. There are practice ink marks on the back of the rock formation.